Silex for professionals

No-code tool for companies and freelancers who want to own their website builder

Freelancers, agencies, hosting companies,

Silex is the best at being customised and integrated to your infrastructure

You are welcome to contribute and to offer services to the community

Make it yours

From white label features to custom backend or specific components, you are free to offer your designers or customers a drag and drop website editor they will love

Silex for teams

This is a whole new philosophy we have invented here.

We work in teams with Silex since 2006. The developer provides the designer with components which appear in the "+" menu. The designer adds custom components to her site, using Silex UI to change its style and behavior.

Hacking is the way

As a developer you have the tools to hack Silex and add custom client side or server side code, which will enhance Silex for the designer to make the site look like and behave how she wants it to.

Hosting providers

Integrate Silex with your infrastructure: customize how files are stored, add authentication, publish to your own servers, and much more.

Freelance designers

Like more and more designers, use Silex to produce websites for clients. You do not need a developer for showcase websites or marketing websites or landing pages.

Developers, create Silex components

Silex components are elements you can add to a website through the "+" menu. They are created with a tool called "Prodotype" which compiles them for Silex and generates the UI.

Paid services

When the community support is not enough, contact me Silex founder, Alex Hoyau.
Also if you are looking for an agency to create your website, see our partners page.

Contact us, let's collaborate !

Ask for a quote, partnership or specific development

For support or questions which can benefit the community, please open an issue in the forums instead - github account required.

We are structuring our community of professionals selling Silex websites. Please subscribe here if you are interested and join the chat here.

Follow us, join the community !

Silex is free and open source because free minds need to have free tools