Dr. Joan Neehall’s guide to healthy living

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a goal that all of us, particularly as we become older, need to work toward. As we become older, we have a greater chance of developing a variety of conditions that affect both our physical and mental health. As a result, it is essential to make an effort to lead a lifestyle that is both healthy and active. We are going to go deeply into the topic of healthy living today, focusing specifically on senior citizens. We are going to talk about the importance of eating a healthy, well-balanced diet, being fit and active, consuming less alcohol, and getting all of your recommended immunizations. Here are the two of the most important suggestions for living a healthy life that has been provided by Dr. Joan Neehall, who has made it her life’s work to instruct people on how to enhance the quality of their own lives and has even written books on the topic.

Eat Healthy, Always.

A diet that is both nutritious and varied is the bedrock of a healthy way of life. Eating in a way that is beneficial to your health may help lower your chance of developing a number of different diseases, including diabetes and hypertension.

We are all aware of the need to maintain a healthy diet, but it isn’t always simple to determine which foods are the healthiest. Consuming nutritious meals, as recommended by Dr. Joan, is an excellent place to begin the process of making good changes that will lead to a happier and more fulfilling life. There are hundreds of nutrition guidelines available on the internet, all of which teach us which food categories we need to consume and in what amounts so that we may have a healthy diet that is also balanced. Because the requirements of each individual are naturally somewhat unique, Dr. Joan advises that you should avoid treating any one diet plan as if it were the word of God. Also, keep in mind that the food we eat is much more than simply fuel for our bodies. It is also something that may be appreciated in its own right.

Stay Active

One of the most crucial aspects of healthy living is maintaining a regular exercise routine while maintaining a healthy diet. Participating in athletics and other forms of exercise provides individuals with a multitude of health advantages. However, according to the data, elderly individuals in the United States are among the least active age groups. This inactivity may lead to a greater incidence of falls, obesity, heart disease, and early mortality compared to the general population, and it can induce or worsen health issues. Keeping this in mind, it is never too late to start a new sport or to begin going to the gym or leisure center on a regular basis.

Dr. Joan recommends that every adult engages in some kind of moderate physical exercise for a total of at least 210 minutes each week. You may easily achieve your goal if you work out for only thirty minutes on at least five days each week, despite the fact that this may seem like a lot.

About Dr. Joan Neehall

Dr. Joan Neehall has been employed in the field of psychology for over 35 years, which has provided her with the opportunity to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of happiness. She interacts with a wide variety of individuals in order to get an understanding of what the concept of happiness means to each person. In her pursuit to comprehend what it is that makes people content, she has visited 83 countries and lived on six different continents. Her primary objectives are to inspire both people, and the audiences she speaks to that are meaningful to them, to be comfortable with being vulnerable and with facing challenges head-on with bravery.

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