Types of picture frames

We all love to capture different events of our life in pictures. Whether it is a birthday or anniversary, a job promotion or a welcome of new family members, we capture all these events with our cameras and phones. These pictures decorate our house as well as our hearts with beautiful memories. Whenever we look back, we can feel the warmth of those joyful celebrations by looking at those pictures. Many people love to decorate their houses with picture frames. 

Nowadays picture frames come in different sizes, materials, shapes and designs. One can choose different sizes according to their house and preferences. Acrylic photo paintings are also popular these days. Let’s dive into this article to know about the different types of frames that suit your different pictures, artworks and others. 

Different types of photo frames designs

Today, photo frames come in different types. 

  1. Standard frames

These picture frames are quite simple and fit in almost any type of setting whether you want to hang them on a wall of the house or frame a picture on the work desk. This is why they are called standard frames. They come in various shapes and sizes depending on your choice.

  1. Gallery frames

These frames tend to focus the viewer’s gaze on the picture or art inside the frame, rather than the frame itself. These frames come in neutral colours and are very simple designs. These can be recognized by the white space which surrounds the item on display and then the actual frames.

  1. Collage frames 

When you have to use several photos but don’t want to use many different photo frames, then a collage photo frame comes into the picture. A collage photo frame allows you to use many templates in a single frame to portray many pictures into it. These are often used for the decorative purpose of the house.

  1. Floating frames

A floating frame creates an illusion of a picture floating on the wall. These frames add something of their own to the pictures rather than giving the traditional benefits a simple photo frame gives. 

  1. Decorative frames

As the name suggests, these photo frames are for decorative as well as functional purposes. They come in many different designs and one can choose them according to his own choice as there are so many options to choose from. These frames don’t have a minimalist style. They have their textural pattern, colour and design.

  1. Tabletop frames

As the name says it all, these frames are used to frame a picture on the table, if you don’t want to hang it. These can be put on a side desk. These frames come with a piece that is used for supporting the frame on the table. But you can’t hang the piece on the wall in this case.

  1. Digital picture frame

These picture frames come on mobile phones. These are the most affordable and convenient to use in recent years. You can choose different of your choice with the help of different apps and editors. You can store them on the phone or on a memory card.

  1. Photo holders

these holders can be innovative or creative ideas to hold the pictures. Polaroids or pictures of small sizes can be held using these photo holders. This holder also gives a unique and out of box look to the photos. These are not the traditional frames to hold pictures.

  1. Deep-set frames

These are also known as shadow box frames and give an aesthetic look to the picture and room. These are set deeper. They give a great look in the case of thicker objects that are portrayed as pictures.

  1. Poster frames

these frames can be used in case of portraying a poster on the wall, instead of using the poster directly on the wall. These poster frames can elevate the look of the wall. In this way, you would not damage your wall and the poster will come out of the wall and catch the eyes of the viewer.

  1. Documentary frames

These frames are mostly used in professional settings when you want to showcase an achievement or a certificate. Sometimes we are interested in displaying documents, that will catch the eye of the viewer simply, then these documental frames are of great use.

Wrapping Up

So these are some designs of photo frames that come in different sizes. You can use one 

according to your preferences and decorate your house or with places.

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